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Concrete green cut machine (cutter)

Improvement of work environment / Improvement of construction capability / Improvement of construction accuracy

Press the 3 revolving Φ350 wire brushes on the concrete surface at a certain force, and cut and remove laitance on the joint surface.

  • Adjustable pressing force according to different age and types of concrete
  • Uniform joint surface treatment regardless of uneven concrete surface
  • Simple investigation using remote wireless operating method
  • Prevent minor collision with machines using safety device


  Age Pressing force Speed Working capacity
Mix for RCD 90H 45.7kgf / cm² 3.5m / min 336m² / H
15H 39.0kgf / cm² 4.03.5m / min / min 384m² / H
Rich mix 25H 52.0kgf / cm² 3.2m / min 307m² / H
19H 58.2kgf / cm² 3.3m / min 317m² / H


Overall length 2,320mm
Overall width 2,100mm
Overall height 1,805mm
Total weight 1,450kg
Power Diesel engine 17PS
Specification Please click here [JpManual]
Green cut width 2,100mm
Green cut speed 3.5m / min
Travel speed 6.7m / min
Oil pressure 21MPa
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