Kurita Sakuganki K.K.

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1923~ Founded
1931 Changed company name to Kurita Ironworks Co. Ltd.
1954 Changed company name to Kurita Rock Drill Co. Ltd.
1960 Developed large-sized breaker
1967 Developed and delivered lot (rod) for taphole opener (tapping machine) for blast furnace when Nippon Steel Kimizu Works was constructed
1971 Started manufacturing taphole opener for steel manufacturing
1975 Delivered residual steel plate drill to POSCO (South Korea)
1979 Delivered residual steel plate drill to Shanghai’s Baoshan Ironworks (China)
1980 Started manufacture of Coke sampler, Shaft mini sampler, Shaft horizontal sonde, Raceway depth measurement device, and other samplers
1982 Developed blast furnace large launder (gutter) chipping hammer (screw chipper) for steel manufacturing
1984 Developed civil engineering concrete chipping hammer (screw chipper), and started manufacture and sale of chipping hammer (screw chipper) for dam sites and repair works
1989 Constructed a factory in Yachimata city, Chiba and relocated manufacturing division
1991 Delivered tapping machine for Kobe Steel’s electric furnace
1992 Delivered joint cutter for electric furnace bottom to Tokyo Steel Okayama plant
1995 Delivered chipping hammer (screw chipper) for reconstruction work from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
1998 Delivered chipping hammer (screw chipper) in peer radius (ピアR部) peer side wall for repair work at Tsuruga Dam Power Station of Shikoku Electric Power Co. Inc.
1999 Relocated head office to Chiba factory
2000 Delivered chipping hammer (screw chipper) in sewer for repair work of Takamatsu trunk sanitary sewer in Kobe city
2002 Signed Agency Agreement on chipping hammer (screw chipper) for civil engineering with JOEU (South Korea)
2003 Delivered metal tapping machine to Tokushima plant of Nippon Denko Co. Ltd.
2004 Delivered chipping hammer (screw chipper) for reconstruction work from Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake
2005 Developed asbestos running remover
2006 Developed brick tube sorting and dismantling equipment in large size garbage incinerator
2007 Delivered closing appliance for ash melting furnace to Clean Center incinerating facility
2008 Signed Agency Agreement with Fengshi Architectural Machinery (China) Exhibited Spike Hammer in Bauma China in November
Exported to Taiwan; used for Taipei Xinyi Line JV Construction Office of Obayashi Corp.
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