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Jinzhong City Yuci Marine Hydraulic Pressure Co. Ltd. was established on July 16, 2001, and started manufacturing small hydraulic parts. The business has developed and we now export large-size plants to metallurgy industries.


Registered trademark is Ocean Hydraulics co,Ltd

The company is a global science and technology company that integrates research, design, manufacturing, and import/export functions. It has sophisticated facilities, and advanced equipment including digital machining center, machine tools, as well as large-size boring machine, and PLC digital test stand, in order to guarantee product quality.

The company has 85 employees (including 1 professor-level engineer, 3 senior engineers, 12 engineers), and is engaged in product development, OEM, sales, and international trade. We develop and apply advanced production technology and the latest energy conservation technology.

We have filed for several industrial invention patents. Our equipment and construction machineries demonstrate the national level. We are using our ingenuity in development and manufacturing in order to improve the science and technology capability of the industry.
We have filed for 14 national patents so far, of which 12 items were granted. The company has been certified as “Advanced Technology Company”, and “Shanxi Province Private Science and Technology Company” by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and International Quality Management Standard ISO9001. We are well-known and trusted in the industry, thanks to our brand.

We formed alliances with 3 of the global 500, and is the global leader in main product technologies. We offer top-class products to our customers in order to promote dump trucks for domestic distribution, with customer-first principle, and collaborate to create value for our customers and the society.

Name of company Jinzhong City Yuci Marine Hydraulic Pressure Co. Ltd.
(Kurita Rock Drill / Ocean Hydraulics co,Ltd Japan-China Joint Venture)
Established July 16, 2001
Number of full-time employees 85 (including 1 professor-level engineer, 3 senior engineers, 12 engineers)
Head Office and Factory 1007,10/F Gaoxin International Plaza. 227 Changzhi Road of Gaoxin Zone. Taiyuan Shanxi.P.R.CHINA
Phone number (Sales Dept.) +86 351-7038758/68
Website (Chinese) http://oind.cn
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